So Mike, tell us a little on the company’s background? How did it get started?

Legendary Styles was born on a random Saturday when Chris and I were catching up after not seeing each other for a couple of months. I was asking him if he was working on any personal creative projects and at that time he said that he really wanted to put his energy into something new. Next thing you know we came up w/ a concept to start creating some designs for some t-shirts. Now….Getting the designs from his MAC to a quality product in the real world was a whole other phase. We really had no concept of how much work it was going to be. I linked up with some long time friends at Delicately Made Printing who also introduced me the fam at Rebelution Ink. They invited us down to their studio in Brooklyn and we got to work. They really let us have a hands on approach to creating the shirts. It would’ve been such a disaster if we gave our designs to a printing company and let them print our whole batch. Learning about placement, color blends, viscosity of the ink, discharge vs. plastisol, and all of the other intricacies that made such a difference in the quality of the product was a huge part of completing the project. We worked hands on with DMP to get all of the shirts printed. After many late nights and small tweaks we finally finished 1000 prints!!

What about the name? What is the significance or story behind it?

When I first started to think of a name for the company I really wanted to just use “Legendary”. I knew this wouldn’t be an option and it was already taken by the monstrous movie production company. At this point I put a list together of about 50 different names and shot it out to about 100 different friends/family members to get some feedback. Legendary Styles was my favorite from the get and was also one of the favorites on the list. When I applied for my LLC., I was told that it was not descriptive enough and needed to add to it. I was listening to some an old Boot Camp Clik album (For the People) at the time and “FOR LIFFFEEE”, was stuck in my head and it just fit. So I reapplied for the name Legendary Styles For Life and it was approved.

In what region do you do most of your business?

All of our business at this point has been online. We have had orders from throughout the US to Puerto Rico to Israel, Italy, London, Canada, Australia, etc. It’s been humbling to see the feedback from people all over the WORLD!!

What advice do you have for someone just starting their own line? Any tricks of the trade?

My best advice is to not get frustrated during the learning process. There really isn’t any way to prepare for it other than to put in the hard work and see it through.

Do you manufacture local or internationally?

We manufacture locally in Brooklyn, NY.

What’s next on the horizon?

Tour shirts for some artists
Hats and Hoodies
Original Artwork
Vintage Gear and Sneakers